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Short-Term Packages
$65.00 /1 Day Pass
3 Day Pass = $130.00 1 Week Pass = $185.00 2 Weeks Pass = $230.00
Short Term Packages
Monthly Packages
$299.00 /1 Month Pass
1 Month Pass = $345.002 Month Pass = $599.00 3 Month Pass = $845.00 6 Month Pass = $1399.00 1 Year Pass = $2200.00
Monthly Packages
Season Packages
$649.00 /1 Season
Remainder MLB =$149.00  Remainder NFL = $649.00  Remainder NCAAF = $649.00  NFL/NCAAF Season = $999.00  
Season Memberships

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do clients receive plays daily?

Clients will receive plays via email a few hours before the first games start to ensure there is time to review the plays.

2. Where can clients, followers and new inquiries follow daily picks?

To follow, track and record daily plays please click the ‘Today’s Plays’ as each play is posted prior to the start of the game.

3. How does a new client purchase a membership?

All transactions are done through PayPal as it is the safest, most secure method of payment. If you have further inquires about the payment process please email:

4. Can clients recommend specific games to be played?

Games are specifically selected to generate the highest success rate and return on investment. Clients can email for questions regarding alternative games, but it is important to know the daily games are selected to capitalize on the highest return rate.

5. Is there a refund process upon purchase of a membership?

As a service providing a variety of membership durations, refunds will not be allowed due to the unknown end result of the current membership.

6. Didn't find the answer?

If there any further questions, please contact